Valmont Hair & Scalp Cellular Treatment

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  • Intensive anti-hair loss cure

    An intensive treatment to fight hair loss and stimulate growth.

    Size: 6 duos

    Suitable for hair loss, fine or limp hair weakened by age, hair suffering from breakage and mistreated by styling products.


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An advanced formulation of anti-hair loss and strengthening actives for a healthier-looking head of hair.

  • Reduces hair loss
  • Boosts hair growth
  • Reinforces hair anchoring


Key Ingredients:

  • Triple DNA: Super hydrating, retaining 10,000 times its weight in water.

Direction of Use

2 duos/ week during 3 weeks Insert Revitalizing Concentrate into the Regenerating Solid Matter bottle and twist to tighten. Squeeze the Revitalizing Concentrate and shake until the Regenerating Solid Matter dissolves completely. Squeeze the soft-bottomed bottle and turn upside down. A vacuum effect will fill the squeeze bottle with the mixture. Every other day, divide clean, towel-dried hair into sections and apply the mixture section by section, three drops per section. Rub in to the roots by massaging the scalp, and style without rinsing. Repeat the treatment two to four times a year, preferably at the change of seasons.

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