Valmont DetO2x Pack

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  • Oxygenating bubble mask

    An immediate shot of oxygen that visibly clarifies.

    Size: 10 ml x 6 pcs

    Suitable for all skin types, especially those tarnished by an urban lifestyle, grey complexions or tired features.

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This effervescent mask leaves the complexion fresh, luminous and rested in just 10 minutes. The mask’s texture evolves from a generous cream to a crackling active foam that’s as fun to apply as it is refreshing. The individual capsules preserve freshness and integrity, and make it easy to take them with you everywhere!

  • Transforms the skin in just 10 minutes
  • Detoxifies and strips the skin of urban pollution, tobacco and other aggressors
  • Features are smoothed and skin is tightened


Key Ingredients:

  • Double O2 Complex: Revives cellular oxygenation and promotes its diffusion to the heart of the skin.
  • Swiss Apple Stem Cells: Increases the longevity of skin’s stem cells.
  • Swiss Watercress: Eliminates toxins for a deep cleansing.

Direction of Use

Whenever your skin needs a boost of oxygen, apply the contents of one pod to your neck and face avoiding the eyes, mouth and nostrils. You will feel a delightful tickling sensation as the mask lathers up and the active ingredients go to work. After 7 – 10 minutes, massage your face and neck gently then rinse off the excess foam with water or a damp tissue. The activation of the mousse may cause a slight sensation of tingling and/or moderate redness.

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