Curaprox Smart Toothbrush – 3 Pack

18.00 incl. VAT

Based on CS 5460 brush. With an extra small brush head… but more Curen® filaments. 7,600 of them – tightly packed together to give gentle, exceptional, cleaning power.

Incredibly soft, gentle and effective!

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This smart little brush is perfect for children over the age of 5 and adults with smaller mouths. It has an extra small head which allows for accurate cleaning and easy angling to get to all those pesky nooks and crannies. The octagonal handle allows for an easy grip and use of the toothbrush. The bristles are incredibly gentle and effective, making them ideal for children and adults.

• 7,600 Curen bristles for optimal cleaning
• Small and compact brush head
• Extremely gentle
• Octagonal handle for precise cleaning angle
• 0.08mm in diameter

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